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What is dogging?

The practice of "dogging" takes its name from "walking the dog". Some people consider it a natural, more exciting extension of the local swinging scene. Dogging involves having sex or engaging in sexual acts in a semi-public place such as a car park, lay-by or beauty spot - usually in front of other "doggers" or voyeurs.

The location of dogging events is now well publicised. This website aims to be a safe place to record dogging place and meeting points and give advice. We in no way condone the practice of dogging.

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Where can I go dogging in the UK

We have listed on this web site the best places to go dogging in the UK. Please just choose your county from the list of those to the right, to see dogging locations near you. If you want to get in touch with genuine swingers or doggers near you we recommend adult friend finder - there are over 290,000 uk singles and couples listed - many with photo profiles. Free registration keeps out those who aren't genuine and takes just one minute.

Is Dogging Safe?

Dogging is only as safe as you make it. Only ever have protected sex, only ever go to areas where you feel safe and only ever go along with a partner. The BBC news has reported on the rise of STDs with dogging - clearly if anyone is having unprotected sex with strangers, they are putting themselves and their partners at risk.

Are there any clubs I can join in to meet other genuine doggers, wife swappers or swingers

Yes. You have to be careful to join clubs that are actually interested in helping you meet other genuine amateurs in the UK. The most reputable that we have found - that we can wholeheartedly recommend are and Both are excellent for adult contacts, sex contacts and meeting dogging couples in the UK.

Best discreet dogging places in England, Scotland and Wales UK

Bedfordshire Dogging
Berkshire Dogging
Buckinghamshire Dogging
Cambridgeshire Dogging
Cheshire Dogging
Cleveland Dogging
Cornwall Dogging
County Durham Dogging
Cumbria Dogging
Derbyshire Dogging
Devon Dogging
Dorset Dogging
East Riding of Yorkshire Dogging
East Sussex Dogging
Essex Dogging
Gloucestershire Dogging
Hampshire Dogging
Herefordshire Dogging
Humberside Dogging
Ireland Dogging
Isle of Wight Dogging
Kent Dogging
Lancashire Dogging
Leicestershire Dogging
Lincolnshire Dogging
London Dogging
Manchester Dogging
Merseyside Dogging
Norfolk Dogging
North Yorkshire Dogging
Northamptonshire Dogging
Northern Ireland Dogging
Northumberland Dogging
Nottinghamshire Dogging
Oxfordshire Dogging
Rutland Dogging
Scotland Dogging
Shropshire Dogging
Somerset Dogging
South Yorkshire Dogging
Staffordshire Dogging
Suffolk Dogging
Surrey Dogging
Tyne and Wear Dogging
Wales Dogging
Warwickshire Dogging
West Midlands Dogging
West Sussex Dogging
West Yorkshire Dogging
Wiltshire Dogging
Worcestershire Dogging